News - 18 August 2022

Tip to Toe: a run for wildlife from the tip of the continent to Naarm / Melbourne.

Runs don't come much longer (or harder!) than this. Thirty-two-year-old marathon runner Erchana just missed out on the last Olympics, so instead she's taking on an even greater challenge.

The Toowoomba Wilderness Society grassroots team were there to welcome Erchana on her way down with a special billboard on 15 November.

In August she began a wild mission: a run from the top of Australia to the bottom, from Cape York to Naarm / Melbourne. She's running a marathon every single day for over 6,200km. And it's all to raise awareness and funds to stop the extinction crisis, and protect this continent's astounding biodiversity.

An introduction to Erchana's incredible Tip to Toe run.

Extinction is a choice

Support Erchana on her tip to toe journey. Image: Micaela Jemison.

Tip to Toe is partnering with the Wilderness Society to spread the word: extinction is a choice.

Australia’s biodiversity is incredibly unique, yet we are second in the world for biodiversity loss. Australia is in the midst of a wildlife extinction crisis. Just this year, Koalas were classified endangered in NSW, QLD & ACT. There are now over 2000 animal and plant species on the national threatened species list, and around 500 threatened animals.

Why is this happening? Plants and animals need habitat, but deforestation rates in Australia are now up there with the destruction of the Amazon, while the clearing of native vegetation has been implicated in the listing of 60% of the continent's threatened species.

        The Wilderness Society knows we have the tools to see wildlife protected. Let’s not let our decision makers off the hook; let’s show them that people really care about wildlife and the places we love. Let’s protect plants and animals and the places they depend on. We need strong new national laws that actually protect the environment.

          Extinction is a choice. Funds raised from Tip to Toe will be donated to the Wilderness Society to help stop the extinction crisis.