Media Releases - 24 May 2024

Under Winter, Tasmanian Labor still has its back turned against nature—and against safe and sustainable jobs

Burnt clearfell in the Styx Valley, Lutruwita / Tasmania. Image: Rob Blakers.

This week, Tasmanian Labor put forward a predictable parliamentary motion that was unsurprisingly supported by the Liberals. It expressed both major parties’ “unequivocal support” for ongoing forestry, mining and salmon industries at the expense of Lutruwita’s precious environment, and at the expense of decent, safe and sustainable jobs.

Caring for nature is crucial, and what is at stake is worth far more than cheap politics. The Wilderness Society urges the Tasmanian government to invest in the regional jobs that Tasmanians deserve, in industries that are decent, safe and sustainable. Well-thought out plans for just transitions, and support for workers facing inevitable change, are crucial.

Community members and environment groups concerned about nature in Tasmania are being ignored by many politicians and must have their voices heard by Tasmania’s parliament.

Parliament is a place where decision makers should be held to account. Not just propose and support motions simply to score political points, or to back in industries that are destroying the environment and costing Lutruwita / Tasmania’s future.

When Tasmania’s parliament recognises that the community cares about nature, then the amazing places and people of Lutruwita / Tasmania will all be better off.

This parliament must protect native forests and world class wilderness from inappropriate development and destructive industries. It is dismaying to see the Tasmanian parliament still supporting further extractivism, and unsafe jobs, in the midst of the biodiversity and climate crisis.