News - 10 March 2023

Vale Jon Sumby

Jon at work in nipaluna / Hobart.

The Wilderness Society Tasmania (lutruwita) would like to acknowledge the passing of long-time volunteer Jon Sumby. Jon volunteered for many years and was a familiar face in the nipaluna / Hobart office.

An extremely intelligent and well-qualified person, Jon applied his many talents in many varied and essential ways, including researching, report-writing and citizen science.

As a volunteer, Jon set the standard. As well as contributing to the work and operations of the Wilderness Society, Jon was also a delight to work with and simply to have around. It was an honour and privilege to know him. He had an easy smile and was ever-ready to help. Generous with his time and energy, he never once asked for anything in return.

Key projects that Jon contributed to over the years included carbon accounting in the Styx and takayna forests, marine conservation, huge amounts of journalism and extensive report writing.

“After Jon announced that he was ill, I am really pleased that a few of us got the opportunity to have dinner with Jon to thank him for his years of dedication and service,” said Campaign Manager for lutruwita / Tasmania, Tom Allen. “We were able to tell Jon how much we loved him.

“Following Jon's passing, some of his friends and family raised funds, which they donated to the Wilderness Society. On behalf of the Wilderness Society, and personally, I would like to thank them for such a kind gesture, and in particular, Jon's mother, Joie,” says Tom Allen. “It is a beautiful way to remember Jon’s invaluable contribution to the people and nature of lutruwita / Tasmania.”