News - 10 April 2023

Wild Cuts for Wildlife

We are welcoming you to the Wilderness Society’s Wild Cuts for Wildlife!
(Well that was a lot of W’s wasn’t it!)
Wild Cuts for Wildlife

What is a wild cut you ask?
It’s a haircut outside your comfort zone. It could be a bold new colour, cutting off the length or shaving it entirely, wearing a wig or a crazy style.

For too long Australia's diminishing wildlife population has flown under the radar, but it’s gone on long enough. There are over 1880 unique animals and plants on our threatened species list. Aussie wildlife rocks some wild cuts of their own: turtles with mullets, birds with mohawks and echidnas with frosted tips!

By choosing to rock a wild cut for the month of June, you’ll be raising eyebrows AND awareness of this time-sensitive issue in the most stylish way possible.

Step 1: Choose your wild cut. Want to rock a fuzzy mullet like the Margaret River Turtle? Turtle-y awesome. Or a bright up-do like a cockatoo? Squawk yeah!

Step 2: Kickstart your fundraising—when you do you'll get a sweet Wild Cuts bumper sticker to put your love for nature on show.

Step 3: Rock your wild cut through June, to raise funds to protect Australia's wildlife

You’ll be supported every step of the way with plenty of fundraising tips and resources, endangered animal facts, and community stories along the way.

Yep, you’ll turn some heads—but that’s the point! Let your wild hair put the spotlight on Australia’s unique wildlife.

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