News - 15 May 2018

Wilderness threat in Tasmania’s Walls of Jerusalem National Park

PHOTO: Halls Island | R. Webb

IMPORTANT UPDATE: It is our understanding that concerns over lack of transparency in the proponent's proposal have prompted the Federal Department of the Environment to require the proponent to update the proposal on the EPBC site and that they will also reopen public submissions. We understand that, once the proposal has been updated, there will be a 10-day extension for public submissions from the date the proposal updates are uploaded. People who have already made submissions will be notified and able to update their submissions in light of the new information added to the proponent's proposal. This extension provides the public with a critical window in which to make new submissions or update existing ones.

We’re inviting you to make a submission on the first private commercial development in Tasmania’s Wilderness Word Heritage Area (TWWHA) under the management plan weakened by Tasmania's Premier and Minister for Parks, Will Hodgman MP.

We’d like you to comment on a proposal to fly ‘high-end’ guests into private commercial accommodation on an island in a remote wilderness lake in the World Heritage-listed Walls of Jerusalem National Park. The proposal has been referred to the Federal Government for assessment.

As part of the assessment, the public can put in their own submissions on the proposal.

While the proposed development already seems to breach even the weakened management plan for the World Heritage Area, and run counter to a World Heritage Committee ruling to protect wilderness character, it has proceeded for assessment under Federal law.

Fishermen, bushwalkers, wilderness advocates and conservationists, among others, are outraged at the lack of transparency, the destruction of wilderness values and the negative impact flying helicopters into such a remote area will have others park users’ experience of remoteness and serenity.

Use the submission guide to send a message to Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg MP. Tell him to do his job and protect wilderness, honour the commitment to implement the decisions of the World Heritage Committee and keep high-end helicopter tourism and luxury huts out of the National Park.