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Bight drilling sites near path of whales on move NT News

Oil company BP has selected two exploration drilling sites in the Great Australian Bight that a State Government report has found could be next to a whale migration path.

Environmentalists fighting for the Bight ABC (Behind The News)

A fight is currently going on over the Great Australian Bight. That's the bit of ocean near the arch in the middle of Australia. Oil company BP has asked to drill oil wells there.

Great Australian Bight oil rigs would significantly increase spill risk—report The Guardian

Drilling in the Bight will significantly increase the risk of oil spills, from the oil rigs and the increased shipping traffic, according to a report by the South Australian planning department.

Crayfish recovery plan more important than ever after population disaster Examiner

There are concerns for the future of the threatened giant freshwater lobster following the discovery of a mass of carcasses in the Leven river after recent floods.

MV Steve Irwin visits Victor Harbor in 'Fight for Bight' campaign The Times

The Wilderness Society of South Australia Director Peter Owen will be aboard the MV Steve Irwin, and described the event as a showcase of what is at stake should an oil disaster occur.

Sea Shepherd vessel 'Steve Irwin' coming to Kangaroo Island to fight drilling in the Bight The Islander

The ship will arrive off Kingscote as a part of Operation Jeedara, Great Australian Bight defence campaign, on 22 August 2016.

Federal election 2016: call to cash in on forest protection The Australian

The Australian Matthew Denholm May 10, 2016 12:00AM