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National park in Victoria's east could create 760 jobs ABC News

Hundreds of timber industry job losses could be offset with $45 million in government and private investment into a new national park in eastern Victoria.

Scientists urge tightening of land-clearing laws in Australia ABC News

In mid-2016, hundreds of scientists delivered a warning on Australia’s deforestation crisis.

The Wilderness Society urges BP to clarify Bight plans Yahoo

An environmentalist group has called on oil giant BP to clarify its position on drilling in the Great Australian Bight.  

BP ditches plans to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight The Guardian

BP has decided not to go ahead with its controversial plans to drill for oil in the commonwealth marine reserve in the Great Australian Bight.

Approval of new oil search permit for Great Australian Bight sparks moratorium call The Guardian

Environmentalists call for moratorium on new licences as concerns grow about BP’s plans to drill for oil in Bight.