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Our people

Our members

The Wilderness Society relies on the generosity of ordinary people to carry out our work. The vast majority of our funding is provided by our members—some 40,000 committed individuals—who make a monthly contribution to protect Australia's land, water, people and wildlife. If you're someone who would like to see our wild places protected for future generations, please join us.

Our Organisers and volunteers

Organisers and volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation. Our organisers and volunteers come from all walks of life and give their time and energy on a variety of important projects.  Like to get more hands on—you could be doing anything from running information stalls and painting banners; to coordinating teams of people door knocking on a specific issue; to participating in field surveys; to writing government submissions; or assisting with office admin? Learn more about volunteering in your state.

Our staff

The Wilderness Society employs some 150 staff, right across Australia. From front-line campaigners and community organisers, to accountants, graphic designers and business managers—our people are the best and most passionate in the business. If you’re interested in working for one of Australia’s most influential environment organisations, check out our jobs page

Our Executive

Our Executive, the National Campaign Director and Chief Operating Officer, report directly to the Board of Directors

Our Boards and Committees of Management

Each Wilderness Society organisation has a Board or Committee of Management. These committees are made up of members, who are elected by the broader membership. Board and Committee members volunteer their time and expertise to oversight the governance and management of Wilderness Society organisations. 

Learn more about our governance, structure and funding