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Promote nature

Australia’s natural environment defines us. The diversity and uniqueness of our land is a bonding force, and our country's unparalleled beauty offers us freedom, inspiration, and refuge. 

The 'Australian lifestyle' is dependent on access to healthy food, clean water, fresh air, and beautiful natural surroundings. While government has a role in protecting wilderness, it's up to all of us to recognise and promote nature in our day-to-day lives.

Championing a healthy connection with our natural environment will allow us to better protect wilderness - that's why we're working on programs and activities right across the country to help spread the word.

Wild Endurance

WildEndurance is a 100 kilometre, 36-hour team challenge through the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. Teams complete the full 100 kilometre course or the 50 kilometre option to raise funds for wilderness conservation. Learn more>


Environment Award for Children's Literature

Our annual Children’s Literature Award promotes books that help grow kids' love for nature. The shortlist is often used as a guide for parents and teachers wanting to encourage a sense of responsibility for our natural world. Learn more>


Wilderness trips

There's no better way to help someone appreciate wilderness, than to let them experience it first-hand. That's why we regularly accompany people to some of our most spectacular and important wild places. Learn more>


Campaigner talks

There's nothing we love more than talking to people about wilderness, and how important it is to protect our natural environment. So, if you're a member of a school, workplace or club that would be interested in a speaker, please let us know! Learn more>



Participants cross the finish line during Wild Endurance 2011. Photo | Simon Bennet.
Two young wilderness lovers. Photo | Jerry Galea
Visitors to James Price Point, the Kimberley, Western Australia. Photo | Jenita Enevoldsen.
Wilderness Society campaigners, Trier and Luke. Photo | Jerry Galea.