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Protect wilderness

Australia truly is the lucky country. Our bush, forests and deserts are amongst the most beautiful on Earth. Our oceans are vast and pristine, and our soil is some of the oldest and most fertile on the planet.
People of Australia have looked after this country for thousands of years, and science has identified what nature needs to survive and prosper. Yet, over recent decades, we've become accustomed to hearing stories of ecological devastation and probable collapse. Nobody has the right to destroy what we all depend on for survival; we must take care of our environment so it can take care of us.
That's why we're hard at work protecting our precious wild places, as well as tackling the causes of a changing climate that threatens both nature and people. 


The Aussie bush is at the heart of our national identity. It's where we live amongst towering gum trees, explore thick rainforests and seek solitude in remote river valleys. These places are special to us for good reason - we must stand tall to protect them. Learn more.


Fossil Fuels

Australia is one of the world’s largest coal exporters and is positioning itself to become the largest global exporter of fossil fuels, with large-scale coal, gas and oil projects proposed from one end of the country to the other. Australia has the power to make a real impact on preventing dangerous climate change. Learn more.

Nature in Danger

Vital conservation laws that were designed to protect what we love are being ripped up and unwound in states across the nation. We’re being told by some governments and big business that we can only have one or the other – a healthy economy or a healthy natural world. We don’t accept this ultimatum.  Learn more.

Northern Australian Rivers

Northern Australia has some of the last free-flowing rivers left on our planet. They connect a rich tapestry of wetlands, savannas, mangroves, estuaries, gorges and forests on a scale seen nowhere else on Earth. And they have remained untarnished by large scale industrial developments - until now. Learn more.