Highlights from April to June

Highlights from April to June

Your support continues to drive our important work for nature around the country (and Europe!)

Thanks to you, together we got rid of the last coal mining lease from the doorstep of Wollemi, we're addressing the need for strong community rights all over Australia and we made your voice heard in Brussels!

Taking your message to Brussels

Corporate Campaigner Adele Chasson gives the inside story on delivering a 10,000-strong message to leaders in Brussels to stop financing deforestation in Australia.

"Because of your support, I was able to go to Brussels and deliver a letter signed by more than 10,000 people like you to call on European leaders to stop the financing of deforestation in Australia," says Corporate Campaigner Adele Chasson.

"I was able to talk to key European Union decision-makers, we have opened their eyes to the scale of the deforestation crisis in Australia and how that affects Australia’s unique and special flora and fauna. It makes a real difference to be there and present the case to them, to draw their attention to the global significance of what is happening here.

"Thanks again for all your support and all you do for nature."

Our work in numbers

Long past, living future

Meet the special places that hold globally unique ecosystems and species but are under threat. They deserve our respect and protection.

Image: Patrick Gardner

Many people think Australia is a young country, but this continent has a long past. Due to its age and isolation from other continents, Australia has some of the world’s most remarkable ecosystems. It has evolved to be home to countless species found nowhere else.

For millennia, it has been cared for by Traditional Custodians who maintain connection to Country as part of the world’s oldest living continuing culture.

Across this land and sea, there can be found a collection of very special places that are ancient and unique on a global scale. These aren't just the places that we love. They are the places we all need to thrive.

These places support ancient Gondwanan forests, contain evolutionary adaptations and feature plants and animals that are found nowhere else on Earth. While often appreciated for their vast beauty, they are more than just pretty landscapes. These remarkable places are crucial to our world’s very life support.

But all of this is now under threat from destructive industries. And these iconic places need to be protected.

Wanting to protect a place often starts with wonder. A spark that ignites your curiosity—the one that makes you stop mid-scroll to ask: “Have you seen this?”, “I wonder what that bark feels like?” or “I never thought I’d find a spider cute?”

To protect these incredible places, as many people as possible must feel that wonder. The wonder that has activated you, and tens of thousands of others to protect places like these over many years.

That’s why we are celebrating these globally significant places—as Nature’s Elders. You’ll see the distinctive logos linking the stories we share of these iconic places—building understanding of the global importance of this continent’s unique ecosystems. Some of these places our supporters will know well, some will be a revelation, but we will continue to build wider interest in their story over time.

With their rich evolutionary history, abundance of unique flora and fauna, and deep significance for First Nations people, these places deserve respect and care. With your support we can build the momentum to make this happen.

Wollemi win!

With your support three coal mining leases have now been given the boot on the doorstep of Wollemi National Park, safeguarding this World Heritage-listed wonder.

Looking out from Wollemi to Ganguddy-Kelgoola.

After we beat the first two coal release areas in late 2021, the NSW government officially ruled out releasing a third area earmarked for coal exploration on Wollemi’s border after receiving more than 26,000 emails from Wilderness Society supporters on 4 May 2022. With your help, we were able to knock out three coal release areas on the head before they even got to the stage of coal exploration!

Thanks to your support, the most precious and spectacular location—Ganguddy-Kelgoola—is now protected. It’s an area that’s home to two state forests that are currently being assessed for addition to the National Heritage List, as a step towards inscribing them in the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. Home to unique species like the critically regent honeyeater and the endangered spotted-tailed quoll—this area deserves protection and our care.

Community rights

People deserve a real voice when it comes to decisions that impact nature and communities. Thanks to you we are calling for strong community rights all over the country.

We know that when communities have a meaningful say in decisions about the environment, outcomes for nature and people are better. But unfortunately, it’s the fossil fuel executives and vested interests who have the biggest say in Australia, and we need to change that.

Between April and May, we worked with 90+ volunteers to hold seven community rights forums. We were able to reach communities across Australia from Dee Why, NSW to White Gum Valley, WA. More than 200+ people learned about what their rights are, and 40 Federal candidates were made aware of the events.

We were able to show how a failing of strong community rights means the mindless release of fossil fuel exploration acreage is able to take place year after year without community consultation.

This needs to change. With your support we will continue to advocate for people to have a genuine say when it comes to the environmental decisions that impact us all.

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