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Recycled Copy Paper

Paper use is one of the biggest drivers behind deforestation worldwide. By choosing recycled papers, you can help contribute to the protection of precious forests and water catchments and to the habitat of rare and endangered species.

Paper use is one of the biggest drivers behind deforestation worldwide.

Every year, over 15 million hectares of Earth’s forests are destroyed. In Australia, since European settlement, over 90 per cent of our old growth forest have been cleared and logged. Today, woodchipping continues to drive the destruction of our native forests, with over three quarters of all trees being woodchipped. Woodchipping destroys old growth forests and degrades water catchments, polluting our rivers and reducing water supplies.

Logging in native forests has global impacts. It adds to climate change, reduces biodiversity and threatens the survival of our native flora and fauna.

Please, where possible, use less paper! Set targets for minimising paper usage in your office and set printers and photocopiers to double sided copying.

By reducing your paper usage, you will help to contribute to the protection of precious forests and water catchments and to the habitat of rare and endangered species. Using less paper not only saves forests, it saves water and electricity, reduces landfill, reduces greenhouse pollution and saves you money.

Second to reducing overall paper use, buying 100% recycled post-consumer waste paper is the best way to minimise the impacts of your paper consumption.

The Wilderness Society has researched a number of recycled papers that provide the best choice in environmentally responsible paper. Recycled paper requires approximately 90 per cent less energy to manufacture than paper made from trees.

High quality recycled office papers available in Australia:

  • Evolve
    100% recycled post-consumer waste.
    Photocopy white & coloured A4, A3. Evolve Office for high volume printing and copying and Evolve Business for use in colour copiers
    PCF - process chlorine free bleaching Made in France
    SCRAP deliver Australia wide, discounts available 02 9825 1062
    ecocern 02 9337 2737 Going Solar 03 9348 1000 CPI 03 9239 3600
  • Vision - Pure White
    100% recycled post-consumer waste
    White A4 and A3, recommended for black and white double or single sided photocopiers and printers.
    Also Vision Magic Colours, 10 tints available PCF -process chlorine free bleaching Made in Germany
    OfficeMax Australia 03 9518 5600
    Special Equipment 02 9609 2300 (NSW) 07 3348 2266 (QLD)
  • Fuji Xerox Recycled Pure+
    100% recycled post-consumer waste
    Photocopy white, A4, A3
    Other colours available
    PCF -process chlorine free bleaching
    Fuji Xerox 13 14 11
  • OfficeMax 100% Recycled Copy Paper
    100% recycled post-consumer waste
    Photocopy white, A4, A3, A5
    Accredited by:  Greenpeace Germany, Blue-Angel, Nordic Swan
    OfficeMax 1300 MYDESK (1300 693 375)
  • Ecocern
    100% post-consumer recycled paper scrap
    Available in A1, A3 and A4
    Many other paper products available, including envelopes and paper bags
    Made in Australia
    ecocern 02 9337 2737

And for other printing needs:

  • Enviro Board Paper (Botany)
    100% recycled, high percentage post-consumer waste
    Printing paper, uncoated, off-white/brown
    PCF -process chlorine free
    ecocern 02 9337 2737
    Raleigh Paper 03 9558 0500
  • Cyclus
    Printing, highly quality paper 100% recycled, approximately 75 per cent post and 25 per cent pre-consumer waste
    PCF -process chlorine free
    CPI 03 9239 3600

These products are competitively priced and widely available through many other local suppliers.

Australian Paper, the manufacturer of Reflex office papers, now produces a recycled paper - Reflex Recycled.  Whilst this is a welcome move, Australian Paper is still one of the largest buyers of native forests in the Central Highlands of Victoria.  These forests are the most carbon dense on Earth, they are important water catchments and they are home to endangered species.  The Wilderness Society cannot support the same branding as papers that come from the very forests we are trying to protect.  Recently, Australian Paper was purchased by Nippon Paper.  Nippon Paper is also the buyer of export woodchips from Victorian and Tasmanian forests.  Whilst this woodchipping continues, we cannot support any of their paper products.

To help move Australian Paper out of our magnificent native forests, sign the Ethical Paper pledge.  Add your voice to forest protection.

For comprehensive information about recycled paper and where to purchase these products, please download the following Guide to Environmental Copy Paper (both in email-able and printable versions - if you're printing this guide, please do it on recycled, double-sided paper.)

Download 'Your Guide to Ethical Copy Paper' » (PDF, 304KB)