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Northern Australian Rivers 

Submission to the Inquiry into the Development of northern Australia
By Wilderness Society,  March 2014

Submission on the Queensland Government's Cape York Peninsula Bioregion Management Plan Scoping Paper
By Wilderness Society,  September 2012


Great Western Woodlands

The extraordinary nature of the Great Western Woodlands
By Alexander Watson, Simon Judd, James Watson, Anya Lam, and David Mackenzie  

Green Carbon in the Great Western Woodlands: A global opportunity
By the Great Western Woodlands Collaboration, October 2010 

Science statement of support
From Dr Denis A Saunders AM and Prof Stephen D. Hopper, and more, January 2010

Biodiversity and Cultural Conservation Strategy
By Department of Environment and Conservation, March 2010

Helena and Aurora Range National Park Proposal
By the The Wilderness Society WA, Helena Aurora Range Advocates and the Wildflower Society of WA, October 2013


Marine Sanctuaries

Atlantis Found: Underwater icons of Australia's unique south-west
By Save Our Marine Life, December 2010
Twelve Tropical Sea Treasures
By the Save Our Tropical Sea Life Alliance, July 2011  
Wild Blue Yonder: Fifteen underwater places for protection in Australia's spectacular north-west
By The Wilderness Society, July 2011  

The Pilliga

A Short-Lived Gas Shortfall: A review of AEMO's warning of gas-supply 'shortfalls'
By Tim Forcey, Dylan McConnell, 2017

The ecological values of Pilliga East forest and the threats posed by coal seam gas mining 2011-12
By David Millege, 2012  
Under the Radar: How coal seam gas mining in the Pilliga is impacting matters of national environmental significance 
By The Wilderness Society, Nature Conservancy Council of NSW, and Northern Inland Council for the Environment, June 2011 


Great Forest National Park economic contribution of park establishment, park management, and visitor expenditure
By The Wilderness Society with support from Victorian National Parks Association and Friends of Leadbeater's Possum, and input from MyEnvironment, Feb 2017
Plantation Asset Sales and Forestry Tasmania’s Market Certification
By Vica Bayley and Warrick Jordan, The Wilderness Society

Ticked off — how Karri Forest logging threatens wildlife and the credibility of the FSC standard
By Jess Beckerling, The Wilderness Society and Australian Conservation Foundation

Swift Parrot Habitat and the Forestry Tasmania Three Year Wood Production Plan
By The Wilderness Society

Pulling a swiftie — Systemic Tasmanian Government approval of logging known to damage Swift Parrot habitat
By Dr Phill Pullinger for Environment Tasmania
Swift Parrot in Threatened Species Nomination Form for 2014/15 Assessment Period
By The Wilderness Society

Tasmanian Forest Carbon Study
By Barrie May, James Bulinski, Adrian Goodwin & Stuart Macleod, July 2012 

Protecting Tasmania's high conservation value forests
The Wilderness Society, July 2011  
Submission on the assessment of the Gymnobelideus leadbeateri (Leadbeater’s Possum) to list as critically endangered under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act)
The Wilderness Society Victoria Inc
Tasmanian RFA report
The Wilderness Society and EDO Tasmania, May 2015
Briefing Paper: Native forest wood and the Renewable Energy Target
The Wilderness Society, May 2015
Submission: An Opportunity for genuine reform: Replacing the Regional Forest Agreements
The Wilderness Society, Australian Conservation Foundation, Environment Tasmania June 2015
Climate opportunities in Tasmania’s forests 
The Wilderness Society, Dr. Barrie May of TreeMod consulting.

The Kimberley

Water Resources of the Mardoowarra (Fitzroy River) Catchment
By Associate Professor Ryan Vogwill from the  University of Western Australia (Foreword by Dr Anne Poelina), December 2015

The Economic Benefits of Creating a 'World Class' Great Kimberley Marine Park 
Dr Michael Hughes, Environmental Science Murdoch University, October 2015

James Price Point Science Assessment Report
By The Wilderness Society, Environs Kimberley, and the Conservation Council of Western Australia, May 2012 

Evidence of the Greater Bilby at the site of the proposed James Price Point Browse LNG Precinct 
By Malcolm Lindsay (The University of Melbourne) for the Goolarabooloo and Broome No Gas Community, October 2011

Kimberley Whale Coast Tourism: A review of opportunities and threats
By Curtin Sustainable Tourism Centre and Curtin University, August 2010