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Risky Business mining Ancient Heritage

Media release:

Polaris Metals, subsidiary of Mineral Resources Ltd, wants to dig up the 2.6-billionyear-old Helena and Aurora Range for as little as a month’s worth of Pilbara iron ore exports.

The Wilderness Society WA Director Jenita Enevoldsen said, “We should never destroy our priceless natural landscapes for financially questionable mining ventures that could employ a small number of people over a very short time frame.

“Mineral Resources CEO Chris Ellison is dramatically overstating the jobs and royalties argument for the development of the Helena and Aurora Range and needs to come clean on the risky business he is running.

“Several of the mines Mineral Resources operates are under severe financial stress and one is under investigation for possible environmental breaches.

Spokesperson for the WA Wildflower Society Brian Moyle said, “The company was well aware of the EPA's, scientists and community’s views before setting out on this disastrous proposal, which looks even shakier now that iron-ore prices have plummeted”.

Helena Aurora Range Advocates (HARA) Chairperson Shapelle McNee said, “The Helena and Aurora Range acts as an in inland island for many native animals and plants found nowhere else on the planet. 

Ms Enevoldsen continued, “If the WA Government wants to grab this great opportunity to show credibility on delivering environmental protection, then it must back the Environment Protection Authority when it does its job to protect the environment.”

Further comment:
Jenita Enevoldsen - 0405 941 500
Brian Moyle - 9330 1754
Shapelle McNee - 0439 668 693

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