Got a moment to make a difference?

Got a moment to make a difference?

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Show our decision-makers that people like you care about what happens to Australia's environment. Adding a personalised message will make your signature even more powerful.

Raise Your Hand To Save Home Tree

On 25 October, locals headed to visit Home Tree to raise their hands to protect the old growth forest it stands in. Will you join in and virtually raise your hand to protect Tasmania’s old growth forest from the chipper?

Yes, I want new laws for nature!

Tens of thousands of Australians want strong national nature laws that end extinction and an independent watchdog to enforce them. 

Are you one of them?

Yes! I want to protect the Bight for good.

The Great Australian Bight supports an abundance of life. It's a vital nursery for the protected southern right whale, home to endangered sea lions and more than 36 species of dolphins and whales. Together, we’ve forced three Big Oil companies—Equinor, BP and Chevron—to abandon their plans. 

There is a groundswell of support to stop Big Oil and now it’s time to protect this marine wilderness for good. Are you in?

Stop the Lake Malbena proposal

Tell Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley NOT to approve Wild Drake’s helicopter-tourism proposal at Lake Malbena inside the World-Heritage listed Walls of Jerusalem National Park!