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Gifts in Wills testimonials

"The Wilderness Society has a vast coverage and I am impressed with their research and defence of the habitat and wilderness areas, so why should I not leave them a gift!!" 
~ Audrey Larsen, VIC.

"I feel that every creature has a place and a right to existence on this planet and our world becomes a little poorer with each extinction. All it takes is for each of us to be just a little less selfish and give something back to our great country." 
~ Patricia Haste, WA.

"If we can finally save our embattled Earth it will be because of organisations like the Wilderness Society. This is why I have left a bequest to TWS so it can continue the invaluable work that few other organisations are undertaking." 
~ Chris Bell, TAS.

"I believe we should all live our truth and one of my ways of doing this is supporting organisations like the Wilderness Society who have achieved so much in the fight to protect wilderness places that we often take for granted." 
~ Robyn Collier, NSW.

"I feel it's important to maintain balance and tranquility in a chaotic world. I've made a bequest to the Wilderness Society to enable those with the same love and passion for our beautiful country to carry on this valuable work, after I am no longer able to do so." ~ Christina Kennedy, VIC.

"I have made a bequest to the Society to continue to speak and act for living nature on my behalf for a little while longer while my mortal remains take part in Gaia's great recycling processes." 
~ Petrus Heyliger, QLD.

"I am very glad to support the Wilderness Society on behalf of my belated mother through my inheritance, because I know that they will save the last wilderness in Australia for future generations. We don’t inherit the planet from our forefathers but we borrow it from our children."  ~ Christian Marriott, WA.

"The Wilderness Society goes to the source of the greed and tries to alter the beginnings of it, not just the effects. Their work is far reaching and inspiring and I am proud to support them by including Wilderness in my Will." 
~ Alexandra Seddon, NSW.

"The Wilderness Society deserves my respect, and bequest, after I meet the earth worms so future generations will enjoy the beauty and splendor of the Australian natural heritage." 
~ Michael Henderson, QLD.