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Brisbane Community Organising Training (Feb 2017)

The Wilderness Society, Upstairs 67 Boundary Street West End QLD 4101

on-Country: Aboriginal Art Fundraiser

28 November, 2016
To raise money for a unique collaboration on the Tarkine campaign, The Wilderness Society is offering for sale an incredible collection of Aboriginal art accumulated over decades by a generous s

Say hello to Kim!

28 November, 2016
Our Wilderness Defenders have meaningful conversations with the public every day.

To the steps of Parliament! Rally for the Great Forest National Park

25 November, 2016
On Tuesday, 230 supporters of the Great Forest National Park rallied at the steps of Parliament as MPs from across Victoria met for a sitting week.

The Wilderness Society urges BP to clarify Bight plans Yahoo

An environmentalist group has called on oil giant BP to clarify its position on drilling in the Great Australian Bight.  

Brisbane Campaigns Night

West End - venue TBC