​Activities for kids!

​Activities for kids!

Develop children's love of nature

We've put together lesson plans for primary school students that align with the Australian cross-curriculum priority of ‘sustainability'. These English and Science lessons guide exploration about Australian animals and their habitats.

Our lesson plans are suitable for Prep to Grade 3 and for Grades 4 to 6.

Now get creative!

We enlisted the help of three beloved Australian authors—Michael Gerard Bauer, Samantha Wheeler and the late Narelle Oliver—to inspire kids to get writing (or drawing!). This activity is perfect for an English or Art class, or as a school holiday project.

First, read these three short stories about a fairy possum, southern right whale and cassowary. Then choose your favourite story, and either illustrate a scene from the story or write the next scene, from a different point of view or perspective!

"Suddenly, wattle leaves swish and sway as the possum clutches a thin wobbly branch, her claws holding like Velcro. Along the branch she stops and her whiskers twitch. There is sap oozing from a small break in the bark. In a flash she is feasting on the sticky sweetness."

For younger kids, we have a colouring-in activity where they can spot the hidden wildlife as well as a list of items that shouldn't be left out in nature. This is a great way to introduce topics like littering, recycling and respecting the environment.

Feel free to share your children’s stories and artwork with us—we'd love to see them! Submissions can be emailed to eacl@wilderness.org.au.

Happy learning! 👋