Community volunteers

Community volunteers

Find your local group of passionate volunteers powering change for nature.

Feel empowered and hopeful with like-minded people in your area who are having a real impact—tackling local environmental concerns as well as national issues like climate change and biodiversity loss.

Join the growing network of local community groups across Australia, trained and supported by the Wilderness Society.

Photo: Members of the eastern suburbs Melbourne community group, building public awareness for nature on Clean Up Australia Day | Susan Whelan

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Sign up today, and we’ll give you a call to chat about how you can get involved with your local group.

Stephanie’s story

Stephanie’s story

This is how Stephanie found a real sense of purpose and belonging with her community group.

We know this works.

Australians care about nature. But for too long, we've seen big corporations and destructive industries have too much influence over environmental decisions at local, state and national levels. It’s time we came together to change that and give communities a real say!

Our challenge isn’t changing people’s minds. It’s simply finding each other, connecting, and offering a way to make a difference that is accessible for all—no matter your age, skill set, experience, or amount of free time at your disposal.

Become a volunteer today and start making a real difference through MP engagement, community forums, event stalls, letter-writing workshops, engaging with local media, door-knocks, documentary screenings, tree plantings, clean up days and much more!
"Big issues like climate change and deforestation can seem overwhelming. But feeling empowered to make change can give you direction, hope and happiness." – Stephanie, WA
Community groups provide the tools to create long-term change from the grassroots level, and with every action we take, our people power grows.

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Photo: Andrew Blyth

Get involved, get inspired and share your values across your community—and the country.

The power of community

  • We’ve already trained thousands of local leaders to create change, and we’re with them every step of the way.
  • We’re running regular trainings in communities right across Australia.
  • We are having hundreds of conversations every week—and speaking to audiences our movement has never spoken to before.
  • We're expanding to an unprecedented scale by training volunteers to develop their own groups, and train and empower their peers to drive the change they want to see.
“I left the training feeling motivated, thankful to have met so many passionate individuals, and excited for what the future holds.” – Luke, SA