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Don't wait. Protect Fairy Possum habitat now.


It can curl up in your hand, and when it’s there, it is lighter than a block of chocolate. It is critically endangered. It is a Fairy (Leadbeater’s) Possum; the animal emblem of Victoria.


They are the tallest flowering plant on Earth, towering over 100 metres towards the sky. The magnificent Victorian Mountain Ash.

The tiny Fairy Possum needs these giant trees to live in. 
In May, the status of this species was increased to Critically Endangered - that’s one step away from extinction in the wild.
Yet right now, its valuable forest habitat is being logged, mostly to make cheap copy paper.
Today there is real hope. A Forest Industry Taskforce is being convened to consider the best options for future management of these forests. 
But as the gears of government grind forward, the Mountain Ash continues to fall.
To ensure the Fairy Possum does not suffer the same fate as the Tasmanian Tiger, and to prevent extinction, it’s critical that the Mountain Ash forest habitat for the Fairy Possum is protected from logging.
While the Taskforce seeks answers, the habitat of the Fairy Possum must be protected.