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Australia's unseen environmental crisis

The problem

Large-scale deforestation and land clearing is once again on the rise in Australia, thanks to the severe weakening of environmental laws by state governments.

Over the past four years alone, over one million hectares has been cleared in Queensland alone—that’s an area the size of the MCG being destroyed every three minutes.

Why it’s a problem

The bulldozers aren’t just destroying Australia’s precious forests and bushland—they’re also releasing millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, worsening climate change.

In fact, the annual emissions from deforestation are equal to a third of Australia’s coal power pollution.

The solution

We have to stop the bulldozers urgently. The scale and pace of climate change demands that Australia implement as many viable solutions as quickly as possible.

By stopping the clearing and restoring the land, we can protect homes for our native wildlife and store massive amounts of carbon that would otherwise be in the atmosphere.

How you can help

Sign this petition to the Prime Minister, Opposition Leader and Premier of Queensland—Australia’s worst state for clearing—to show them you support steps to halt this clearing crisis.