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IMAGE: Bulldozing in Central Queensland | Wayne Lawler

Why it's important

Australia is home to some of the most unique and magnificent nature in the world. Our country has vast savannahs and grasslands, tropical rainforests, endangered gum forests and diverse woodlands that provide shelter to our most precious threatened species. 
Yet, Australia is one of the worst developed countries in the world for broadscale land clearing and deforestation—killing tens of millions of native animals (including threatened species) and wiping out endangered forests and woodlands. In fact, we’ve cleared nearly half of our forest cover in the last 200 years!

IMAGE: Rubicon logged forest, Victoria | Ken Deacon

The threat

Unfortunately, after falling sharply from 2005, the rate of habitat destruction from deforestation in Australia is rising dramatically, due to severe weakening of environmental laws by reckless state governments. 
In 2014, in Queensland alone, about 300,000 hectares of bushland were wiped out (imagine 485,000 football fields!) after the Newman Government gutted habitat protection laws. In New South Wales, the Baird Government is planning to follow Queensland’s lead by ripping up their native vegetation laws. Meanwhile in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, plans are afoot for massive clearing in the Kimberley and Keep River regions for industrial agricultural schemes.
IMAGE: A mine on bulldozed land in Cape York Peninsula, Queensland | Glenn Walker

What we're doing about it

We’re determined to once again bring the bulldozers under control. This will include releasing groundbreaking research, highlighting the greenhouse gas emissions created by clearing and burning forests and woodlands; running targeted advertisements; holding public meetings and events; lobbying decision makers; and training local supporters to pressure their member of parliament.

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How you can help

Help us protect our forests and woodlands! Donate to The Wilderness Society today and be part of something incredible for Australia.