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Time for solutions that work: sign the open letter

Australia is amazing. We have plants and animals unlike anywhere else. Our natural environment provides us with clean air, water and food. But 200 years of destruction have taken their toll, and climate change threatens what’s left.

However, our environmental laws and institutions aren’t up to the challenge we face. Problems that should have a common sense solution are slipping through the cracks and getting worse, and our laws are firmly stuck in the last century. It’s a big fight, but we can fix the system before it’s too late, and put communities back at the heart of decision making around the environment.

We need your help. Sign the open letter to our Environment Ministers telling them we need real, tangible change for our incredible environment and all the animals and people who rely on it to survive.

If you want to personalise your message, edit below—otherwise just fill in your details and hit theSEND EMAIL’ button.