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Donate in memory of a loved one

Family and friends can honour the life of a loved one by making a donation to the Wilderness Society in their memory.

You will be celebrating their life, while at the same time helping to protect Australia’s magnificent wild places.

To make a donation to a loved one:
- Freecall 1800 030 641 or
- Download the Donation in Memory form and mail to:
The Wilderness Society Inc.
GPO Box 716
Hobart TAS 7001 Australia

Donate In Lieu of Flowers at the funeral

If you are organising a funeral or wake and you would like to provide an easy option for people to donate to the Wilderness Society instead of buying flowers, request some of our “In Lieu of Flowers” envelopes to be sent to you directly ahead of the event.

Alternatively we can send the envelopes directly to the funeral director if they contact us directly.

We will also send you reply paid envelopes with the forms, so it will be easy for people to return the donation.

Donate by advertising in the Death notices

If you would like to encourage all friends and family to donate on behalf of a loved one, you could also advertise your request in the death notices.  Below is some suggested wording for you to consider for the purposes of a death notice in a newspaper:

In memory of ___________________

Please donate to the Wilderness Society in lieu of flowers

on 1800 030 641

How donations will be acknowledged

Following receipt of the donation, we will send a letter to the family of the deceased to notify them of your kind donation. For privacy reasons, we will not disclose the amount of the donation.

We will also send a tax-deductible receipt to the person donating in memory of a loved one – every gift, large or small makes a difference.

Requesting donations in your memory

If you would prefer donations to floral tributes at your own funeral, it is a good idea to state this preference in your Will so that your executor can ensure your wishes are met.

Thank you for making a long lasting contribution to long term wilderness protection on behalf of a loved one. This gift will last much longer than flowers at the funeral, and will be appreciated by future generations for decades to come.