Protection for the Helena and Aurora Range

Protection for the Helena and Aurora Range

Thanks to your support we are on the cusp of securing lasting protections for this remarkable landscape. WA campaign manager, Patrick Gardner, discusses an important recent announcement following a trip to the Helena and Aurora Range.

"It is still as beautiful as it has always been. Helena and Aurora Range, or Bungalbin, is a jewel within the Great Western Woodlands. It is a cradle for biodiversity, unique landscapes and First Nations cultural heritage, which is obvious from every vista, footstep and vantage point."—Patrick Gardner Image top: Paul Pitchugin

The vast expanse of woodland at Helena and Aurora Range. Image: Patrick Gardner.

"The stillness of the great expanse of woodlands from the high points of the Range and the shimmering metallic hue of Gimlet branches, particularly in the changing afternoon light, provide an exceptional example of what must be protected for future generations to experience," says Patrick Gardner, WA campaign manager.  

"Due to a long-term advocacy campaign and more recent commitments from the WA Government, this incredible part of Australia is finally moving towards being established as a new national park.

"Efforts to appropriately recognise and protect the Helena and Aurora Range have been ongoing for many years through the work of countless campaigners, members, volunteers and supporters.

"The Wilderness Society had the privilege to visit Helena and Aurora Range in early-October, principly with the Helena and Aurora Range Advocates (HARA). This brief trip was designed to reconnect with this special place and refresh our resolve to ensure its ongoing protection, following the lifting of restrictions on travel within Western Australia.

Wilderness Society and HARA members on a trip to see the Helena and Aurora Range. Image: Patrick Gardner.

"The Helena and Aurora Range appears to be on its way to becoming recognised as a national park. A big part of this progress is thanks to our supporters who have provided advice, expertise, time and financial support.

"In the most recent State Budget, the WA Government reconfirmed their commitment to this outcome through the allocation of $2 million over four years. This allocation has been specifically called out among a host of other opportunities in the Plan for Our Parks initiative."

The remarkable camouflage of the Pebble Dragon, a resident of Helena Aurora Range. Image: Paul Pichugin.

Patrick's pics of the Helena and Aurora Range

But there is still work to be done.

Image: Patrick Gardner

"The necessary negotiation, facilitated by the WA Government, with First Nations peoples and other stakeholders, will take time to be undertaken properly. We want to ensure that Helena and Aurora Range remains a top priority," says Patrick.

"It is vitally important that the landscape and significant cultural sites are appropriately managed in the long-term, so that the sensitive flora, fauna and sites are protected for generations to come.

"Together we can advocate and promote the value of protecting places like Helena and Aurora Range, which serve as great arks for biodiversity and bastions for threatened species. 

"While the monetary commitment to create this park is an incredible step forward, there is much more work to be done before this new national park becomes a reality. Together, we can make sure that the government facilitates the necessary negotiation with First Nations peoples and other stakeholders, as part of this process."

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