News - 19 June 2018

Australia’s identity is tied to our amazing animals

We hold the koala up to the world as a national icon, but we don’t show them the respect they deserve.

Koalas are homeless and starving in Queensland and NSW.

We must stop the widespread clearing of their bushland habitat.

Watch this story of a homeless koala

Sadly, we've lost one third of the koala population in the last 20 years because their Eucalyptus trees are being cut down at an alarming rate.

There is land clearing chaos across Australia right now. Tree felling is skyrocketing because state environmental laws are too soft. The former Newman Government seriously weakened environmental legislation that protected koala habitat in Queensland, leading to 300,000 hectares of bushland being wiped out in 2014 alone!

Respect the koala

There is another problem here. The koala is supposed to be a national treasure in Australia. They are unique and native to the land down under – found nowhere else on Earth. We put them on postcards and on stamps and in every foreign tourism campaign. The rest of the world loves them, and we use the koala as a drawcard without giving them the protection this Australian icon deserves.

Stop cutting down trees!

But really:

1. Stop land clearing in koala habitat in Queensland and NSW.

2. Maintain state vegetation laws which prevent broadscale clearing.

3. Monitor, report and act on illegal land clearing.

Unfortunately, this national emblem is homeless and starving because we're cutting down their trees in NSW and Queensland. We simply can't let this continue.