News - 21 July 2023

Statement on the retirement of Cassy O’Connor

Cassy O'Connor has resigned from her position of MP.

The Wilderness Society would like to extend its deep gratitude to Cassy O’Connor, who has resigned as an MP and Leader of the Tasmanian Greens, for her tireless commitment to the environment throughout her distinguished career.

There have been, and still are, far too few politicians who use their role in Australia’s state and federal parliament’s to advance the cause of nature. The level of community concern about Australia’s biodiversity crisis is not on-the-whole well reflected by the interests and expertise of the current Parliamentary cohort.

Parliamentary accountability is an unremittingly important part of the task to protect nature from an ever increasing set of threats. We need more Parliamentarians from all parties to take up the task of putting and keeping nature on the agenda of Executive governments.

Cassy has been at the forefront of a very small cohort of politicians in this country to have had such a strong focus on biodiversity and our natural places. And without the work of parliamentarians like Cassy we would all be worse off.

Cassy has been a steadfast defender of Tasmania’s unique natural environment, including

  • Defeating the Ralph’s Bay marina

  • Supporting the Tasmanian Forest Agreement, which protected half a million hectares of spectacular native forests

  • Speaking up passionately for wildlife and wilderness at every opportunity

Cassy’s influential voice and incisive Parliamentary performance have shaped environmental policy and protected some of the best of what makes Lutruwita/Tasmania specials for generations to come.

The Wilderness Society wishes Cassy well in her future endeavours.