News - 19 June 2018

The Pilliga Mouse is tiny, but of huge importance

Things you need to know about the Pilliga Mouse

The Pilliga Mouse doesn’t have the street-cred of the koala or the Tasmanian Devil, but they’re just as important as any other endangered Australian animal.

The Pilliga Mouse is found only in the Pilliga Forest in NSW.

If we can’t stop Santos from drilling for coal seam gas in the Pilliga Forest, we won’t be able to find the Pilliga Mouse at all anymore.

Pilliga Mouse in the Pilliga Forest

What we can do to protect the Pilliga Mouse

Pilliga Mouse threatSolutions to protect the Pilliga Mouse
Land clearing has shrunk their natural habitat to only four placesCreate ironclad state-based environmental legislation to protect the habitat of threatened species.
Toxic coal seam gas waste is polluting their land, food and water supplyPressure Santos to quit its Narrabri Gas Project in the Pilliga Forest.
Feral and domestic animalsProtect the Pilliga Forest habitat so the Pilliga Mouse is not forced into extinction.

Fighting to save the Pilliga Forest

Since 2011, the Wilderness Society has been fighting to protect the Pilliga Forest and the fertile farmland of North West NSW.


We’ve had some wins – the main offender, Santos, has met with ongoing delays due to community opposition and lost over $1 billion of its shareholder’s money on the Narrabri Gas project in the Pilliga Forest so far.

The fight is not over

  • Unfortunately, Santos is, right now, building a huge treatment plant in the Pilliga for its toxic coal seam gas wastewater.
  • Farmers and residents are fighting to project their water, health and future.
  • Environmentalists and Traditional Owners are offended by Santos’ disrespect for the value that nature adds to our lives.