News - 21 September 2023

Voice referendum: make an informed vote on 14 October

With the Referendum on a proposed Voice to Parliament to be held on Saturday October 14th, now is a pivotal moment to hold respectful conversations about recognising the rights and aspirations of First Nations people.

Through the ‘Allies for Uluru’ alliance there are great resources available about the Uluru Statement, to help us all make an informed vote in the upcoming Referendum.

Below is a selection of things to read, listen, watch, discuss, print and share.

To Read:


To Watch:

To Discuss:

To Print and display:

To Do:

When First Nations’ perspectives and culture are valued and respected, First Nations people are able to make the decisions that impact their lives, and exercise their rights to practise culture and care for Country.

The Wilderness Society supports all three pillars of the Uluru Statement from the heart: Voice, Treaty & Truth.

We urge all Australians to make an informed vote and engage in this pivotal moment in a way that respects and advances the rights and aspirations of First Nations people.

Read our organisation’s statement about the Voice and referendum here.