Media Releases - 30 July 2019

Wilderness Society Tasmania backs Tyndall Ranges alternative

The Wilderness Society Tasmania today announced its support for an alternative to the government's proposed Tyndall Ranges walk put forward by the Bob Brown Foundation.

"Bob Brown is right. The alternative walk proposed is superior to the government's 'next iconic walk', because it would avoid impacting the hyper-sensitive alpine vegetation and ecosystem that the government walk would cut through," said Tom Allen, Acting Campaign Manager for The Wilderness Society Tasmania.

Whether tourism, wood products or farmed fish, people increasingly want to know whether the fundamentals of products are ethical, sustainable and positive so any new walks need to stack up environmentally or risk being perceived as fake eco-tourism.

"The Bob Brown walk would still be stunning, scenic and lake-speckled, but provides a preferable, more sustainable, lower-impact alternative. Any philosopher worth their salt would prefer to walk this route instead. If you're after a real west coast win-win, this is it," said Mr Allen. 


For further comment, please contact Tom Allen, Acting Campaign Manager for The Wilderness Society Tasmania, on 0434614323.