A great start to 2022

A great start to 2022

Thanks to your support, from January to March 2022 we've seen some great developments.

From launching a powerful billboard campaign to highlight Queensland's shocking deforestation, to showing from the air what's at risk if mining is allowed to take place on the doorstep of Wollemi National Park, and much more, it's all thanks to your support.

Watching over Wollemi

NSW Campaign Manager Victoria Jack reporting on two days of filming the stunning, yet threatened, landscape of Wollemi National Park and the surrounding state forests.

Thanks to your support, we were able to spend two days filming spectacular footage of what’s at stake in Wollemi National Park if the NSW government puts a coal mine on its doorstep. The drone flies across neighbouring areas of World Heritage value that you won’t be able to tell apart—which part is a World Heritage Area and which part is a proposed coal mine?

Last year the NSW government ruled out two other proposed coal release areas right near Wollemi, after tens of thousands of people like you signed submissions and wrote to MPs. But there’s still a third proposed coal release area right on the doorstep of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

With your support, we will continue to make the NSW government see the beauty they are putting at risk.

Share this video to demand the NSW government put an end to fossil fuel destruction.

Highlighting Queensland's deforestation crisis

Volunteers celebrate the new billboards in Brisbane.

Deforestation and land clearing in Queensland continues to be a huge problem, but because of your support, we’ve been able to shine a light on this issue.

In December 2021, the Queensland government released new land clearing data that showed over 668,000ha of forest and bushland was bulldozed in one year. With koalas recently being listed as endangered, the need to protect habitat for this threatened species is more important than ever. But the data showed that over 92,000ha of likely or known Queensland koala habitat was destroyed in a single year.

The majority of that destruction was for beef production. So, we’re holding the big buyers of Australian beef—supermarkets and fast food chains—responsible. With your support, we’ve been able to run digital billboards for six weeks throughout Brisbane’s busiest thoroughfares.

The billboards drew attention to the devastating effects that deforestation and land clearing have on wildlife across Queensland. These billboards moved around Brisbane each week and were accompanied by a social media push, so they could be read by as many people as possible. We’ve also been running a petition calling out these big buyers to eliminate deforestation from their beef products. Together, we’ll continue to bring deforestation and land clearing to the forefront and protect koalas’ habitat.

Our work in numbers

The Pilliga Ultra has been run!

Sometimes the trail was... submerged. Image: Capucine Merlant-Pilonchery
On 26 March, runners took part in the Pilliga Ultra with support coming in from all over the country. Competitors set off on 50km, 21km, and 6km trails into the Pilliga Forest to highlight the disastrous effects that Santos' coal seam gas mining will have on this special place, the lands of the Gomeroi people.

Find out how CEO Matt Brennan got on as part of the Wilderness Society team and check out a gallery of images from what was a rather wet, but spectacular, day of running.

The South Australia election

The South Australian election was held on 19 March. Elections are a time to secure policy commitments that will help contribute to the direction of the next government.

The Wilderness Society, as part of a 24-organisation environment sector alliance, sent a detailed policy survey out to political parties to assess what they promise to deliver for the environment over the next four year term of government.

Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre. Image: Bill Doyle
As well as the policy survey sent out to South Australia's political parties, hundreds of South Australians also emailed the parties to make some very significant policy commitments. South Australian Director Peter Owen—representing the voices of Wilderness Society supporters like you—was able to advocate to the major South Australian parties and secure commitments for places like the Lake Eyre Basin and the Great Australian Bight.

Check out a full update on what the newly elected Labor government has committed to—as well as commitments from the other major parties.

An exhibition for our new Wilderness Journal book

For Sydneysiders (or passing visitors) make sure you drop into our new exhibition at the Wedge Gallery in Books Kinokuniya, in Sydney's CBD. The exhibition showcases our new book Wilderness Journal: Stories of Nature and People, a collection of the best stories, art and photography from over a year's worth of online Wilderness Journals. The exhibition runs until 2 May.

You'll find work from some of the internationally renowned photographers who contributed; there's a display of classic Journal publications from the '70s and '80s; and on show for the first time, one of the the Wilderness Society's treasured koala suits.

Image: Rachel Knepfer

Adam Byrne of Bush To Bowl, a descendant of the Garigal and Gadigal people whose story features in the book, kindly brought some nature into the space, with gum leaves, grasses and a coolamon bearing traditional bush foods. There's even a (carefully watered) tree!

Image: Rachel Knepfer

So check it out, pick up one of our postcards celebrating the Wilderness Society's mission, and purchase a copy of the book from the bookstore while you still can!

You can also purchase a copy from our shop.

Wild Magazine offer!

Since 1981, Wild Magazine has been capturing action in the Australian outdoors, and been a passionate defender of its wild places. Wilderness Society actually advertised in their first ever edition over 40 years ago.

You can get stunning photography and well-crafted stories from across the continent delivered direct to your door four times a year—as a bonus if you subscribe through the link below, Wild will give 25% of the profit from each subscription to the Wilderness Society.