Movement For Life

Movement For Life

We’re changing the conversation about nature, one conversation at a time. Join the community organising program putting the power back in the hands of the people.

Never met your neighbours? That’s about to change. Movement For Life is creating thousands of local leaders for nature — and we need people like you.

Great conversations change minds. Movement For Life gives you the building blocks to spread your values and create change in your community. Together, we'll put the political power back in the hands of people who care.

Photo: Adrian Guerin

Community organising works

Photo: Adrian Guerin

It’s been a long time since politicians cared what activists thought. With no one to hold decision-makers to account, they’ve been free to shrug their shoulders at international climate commitments. To shake hands, pose for photos and play dumb over the degradation of the ecosystems that support our lives.

But the rise of community organising around the world means that’s changing. Fast.

Photo: Adrian Guerin

Here’s something our politicians can’t ignore. 

  • An organised movement that builds support from street level, up. 
  • Teams of persuasive, highly-trained environmental leaders, with the social networks, skills, tools and energy to hustle for change. 
  • Someone like you knocking on every door in their electorate and shaping the conversation.
  • Especially at election time.

Ready to get involved?

Hit the streets with us and share your values across your community — and the country.

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Our vision.

We’re training Australians like you to be tomorrow's environmental leaders.

Using tools and techniques honed in community organising programs across the world, we’ll reach new audiences and have empowering conversations about Australian nature — and the reasons we should all support life. 

We plan to do this at a scale never seen before in Australian politics. To build power from street level, all the way up to the halls of Canberra. 

That’s how we convince politicians and decision-makers to protect the ecosystems our lives depend on.

Photo: Adrian Guerin

What we’re doing 

  • We’ve already trained 1,000+ leaders to create change. 
  • Running regular training events and building our capacity. 
  • Constantly improving our knowledge, tools and resources. 
  • Drawing lessons from community organising around the world. 
  • Taking our movement nationwide.