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2014 state election environment forums: in the hot seat on climate and environment

15 September, 2014
The 2014 State election will set the agenda for environment and climate policy for years to come. So it’s time to put the major parties to the test on climate and environment. Who are the people that want this power and how do they intend to use it?

Bulldozing our Natural Heritage

12 September, 2014
Will this be Premier Baird’s defining moment?
Australia has an awesome natural environment, the envy of the world.  It is an essential part of our great outdoors way of life – our  beaches, our bush, our rivers, our clean air and water. 

Let's get environmental justice for the Leard State Forest!

11 September, 2014
Recently Whitehaven Coal announced the commencement of open-cut mining at Maules Creek.

Call Pru and ask her to be a hero for the Leard State Forest!

4 September, 2014
Thank you for taking the first step to contact our NSW Minister for Planning Pru Goward by visiting this site!

The tide will turn

28 August, 2014
A few words from Wilderness Society national director, Lyndon Schneiders As a lifelong campaigner for protection of wilderness and the natural world, I have learnt that perseverance is the key to ultimate success.

Divisive politics will fail forests and community

25 August, 2014
This Tuesday, 26 August and Wednesday, 27 August the Tasmanian upper house will debate the Liberal Gover

Newman: Don't trash the Gilbert River

25 August, 2014
The Great Barrier Reef, iconic beaches, lush rainforests, healthy free flowing rivers, outback savanna woodlands and vast intact wetlands – Queensland’s natural environment is the envy of the world.

A tragedy for nature, a renewed challenge to protect pristine rivers

8 August, 2014
Queensland Campaign Manager for the Wilderness Society, Dr Tim Seelig, reflects on an unfolding tragedy for some of the world’s last free flowing rivers, and how we reverse the tide to protect the irreplaceable.