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The precarious future of wild things

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5 October, 2015
Maura O’Connor is a New York City based journalist who has recently written a book about the ethics of animal conservation, de-extinction and the precarious future of wild things.

Step Up For Sanctuaries

16 September, 2015
So far over 10 000 people have written to the State Government calling for the inclusion of a sanctuary zone in the Roebuck Bay Marine Park.

A ten-year-old art prodigy shares his love for animals

11 September, 2015
"All my life I've loved animals. I always look for animals and study them."– Read Johar's story and share yours too  join the movement of nature lovers!

Systemic Tasmanian Government approval of logging known to damage Swift Parrot habitat

9 September, 2015
Prepared by Dr Phill Pullinger for Environment Tasmania“There is no scientific evidence to support the position that continued harvesting of [Swift Parrot] breeding habitat will support conservation objectives for the species.” – Right to Information documents

The Wilderness Society talks about why they support FSC

9 September, 2015
Warrick Jordan from the Wilderness Society talks about the organisation's FSC journey and why it’s important to support sustainable forestry by looking for the green tick logo.

Help bring an end to large scale clearing in Qld

11 June, 2015
Land clearing on an industrial scale is making a comeback in Queensland.