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Protecting wilderness is what we do best

If you share our passion for protecting, promoting and restoring wilderness* and natural processes, then you've come to the right place. Our SA Team values your support.

If you share our passion for protecting, promoting and restoring wilderness and natural processes, then you've come to the right place. Our SA Team values your support.

Two iconic areas we are currently working to protect include the Great Australian Bight (including Kangaroo Island) and the Lake Eyre Basin (including the Munga-Thirri Simpson Desert, Goyder Lagoon and the Coongie Lakes Ramsar site).

We must stop the expansion of the climate wrecking fossil fuel industry into these areas. (Image top: Darren Longbottom)

*Wilderness - Large, mostly or wholly biologically intact, remote, functioning ecosystems, formed through millennia of traditional use and management of land and sea Country.

SA Government Election Commitments

In order to protect South Australia's land and sea wilderness, giving native species their best chance of surviving climate change, TWS SA managed to secure many significant policy commitments from the current SA Labor Government prior to the March 2022 state election. These commitments will help guide some of our work through to the 2026 state election and beyond.

  • Wilderness Assessment for SA

  • Working with First Nations Communities

  • Science Based Prescribed Burn Program

  • Recognise the Vital Role of Dingos

  • Review Vehicle Access to Sensitive Environments

  • End Petroleum Leases in Munga-Thirri National Park

  • Investigate Protection for Goyder Lagoon and Coongie Lakes

  • Investigate World Heritage for Lake Eyre Basin

  • Support World Heritage for Great Australian Bight

  • Explore Protecting Whale Nurseries

  • Protect Vulnerable Sea Lions

  • Investigate UNESCO Biosphere for Kangaroo Island

  • Eradicate Cats from Kangaroo Island

  • Enforce Relevant Legislation in Parks

  • Review Heritage Agreements for Conservation

  • Rangelands to be Managed for Climate Change

  • Appoint Commissioner for the River Murray

  • Investigate having a Super Park for the Murray Mouth

Read more about these election commitments.

The Wilderness Society SA has a great track record of achieving real conservation outcomes for our state. This includes forcing three Oil Giants out of the Great Australian Bight, protecting over 1.8 million hectares of land under the Wilderness Protection Act and 44% of our coastal waters in South Australia's new marine parks network.

Past Campaign success stories:

  • Successfully campaigned for the Munga-Thirri-Simpson Desert to be declared Australia’s biggest national park - approx 3.6m ha.

  • Forced three Oil Giants—BP, Chevron and Equinor—to abandon their plans to deep-sea drill for oil in the pristine seas of the Great Australian Bight.

  • Successfully campaigned for the Nullarbor to be declared a Wilderness Protection Area—approx 900,000ha.

  • Secured Marine Park Sanctuary Zones—44% of SA's coastal waters included in new Marine Park Network with approx 363,400 hectares fully protected Sanctuary Zones.

  • Protected Arkaroola Mountains and the Mawson Plateau from mining in the heart of the Wilderness Sanctuary.

  • Successfully campaigned for Investigator Group and the Nuyts Archipelago Island group to be declared wilderness protection areas—that's 17 offshore islands.

  • Stopped Wellington Weir on the Murray River, which would have cut Ramsar-listed Lower Lakes and Coorong Wetlands from the River.

  • Successfully campaigned for Yellabinna to be declared a Wilderness Protection Area—approx 500,000ha.

  • Signed on as a Project Partner for the WildEyre collaborative conservation program.

  • In total, protected over 1.8 million hectares under the Wilderness Protection Act.

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