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BREAKING NEWS: Chevron joins BP in withdrawing from risky drilling in the Great Australian Bight


Fantastic news. Last night, U.S. oil giant Chevron withdrew its plans to drill for oil in the pristine marine wilderness of the Great Australian Bight.

The tireless work and bravery of Australian communities standing up to Big Oil is paying off.  Our campaign is working.

Twelve months ago, the campaign to stop Big Oil drilling the Bight saw BP give up on its risky drilling plan. Now Chevron is gone too. 

Community 2. Big Oil 0. 

IMAGE: Hands Across The Sand, 2016 event

But there is one more Big Oil giant to take down. Norwegian oil giant, Statoil, took over two of BP’s cast-off leases earlier this year.

We’ve got the wind at our backs. Now, we need to throw everything we’ve got at convincing Statoil to join its Big Oil buddies and leave this spectacular marine wilderness area alone.

Together, we’ve created an extraordinary opportunity to get Big Oil out of the Bight for good, and deliver real, lasting protections for the Great Australian Bight.

Celebrate this win today by sharing the news on Facebook. It is a huge achievement to have stared down, and succeeded against, the money and power of two of the world’s biggest oil companies.