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Farewell Kaine, Welcome Lauren

Teryn Crick, Lead Community Organiser
In September, we said farewell to our long-time Sydney Community Organiser, Kaine Johnson, who has moved up to Brisbane. Kaine is loving his new role as Brisbane Community Organiser for The Wilderness Society, Queensland. Our new Sydney Community Organiser is Lauren Frost. Lauren brings a wealth of organising experience to the role. She is passionate about the environment and is excited to bring her experience in organising to work with The Wilderness Society in Sydney. She is looking forward to meeting and working with all of you.
Lauren graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism and a Masters of Development Studies. She has previously worked at Amnesty International as a Campaign Caseworker on their refugee and indigenous rights campaigns, and most recently as a Field Organiser at the Community and Public Sector Union. She is on the Executive Committee of Australian Refugee Volunteers, overseeing their volunteer management and activist training programs. She is still involved with Amnesty as the NSW representative to the Youth Advisory Group and the group convener of the Manly local action group, which encourages youth participation in grassroots activism. 
Below is a message from Lauren to you, our incredible volunteers.  I know you'll make her welcome in the role and will work well as advocates for nature and to protect the places we love.

Hi everyone,
I'm really looking forward to meeting you all properly over the next few weeks, but in the meantime, I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi! 
My environmental activism grew from the fairly unusual seed of year seven school camp. I never had the joy of camping with my family as a kid, so whilst all my classmates complained about being dragged into the bush with no bathrooms or home comforts for a week of school camp, I was in absolute awe at the vast and unique beauty of the Australian natural environment. Lying under the stars, listening to the rustle of the eucalyptus trees, I was hooked and determined to bring as much of my newfound love of nature back to my home life (including a couple of disastrous attempts to try and recreate campfire-style cooking for my family in our kitchen).
More than anything, I realised that the Australian natural landscape is like no place on earthand that if we don't work to protect, promote and nurture our natural world, we will lose it forever. Whilst this can seem like an impossibly big task, it's the passion and dedication of committed activists like you that will make this goal a reality. If we can encourage that passion to ripple out through our local communities, we can make real, lasting change.
I'm really excited to bring my organising experience into the environmental movement and to start working with you all. I feel honoured to work with you to continue building up the amazing Movement For Life grassroots movement you've created as part of The Wilderness Society in NSW.