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Let's bring an end to large-scale clearing in Queensland


Queensland Government finally moves to reform tree clearing laws

UPDATE 19/08/16: Sadly, the Vegetation Management Reinstatement was voted down in Queensland Parliament. We have now seen nearly 1,000,000 ha of native woodlands cleared in Queensland since the laws were weakened. This alarming rate of clearing is likely to continue until the laws are restored. The Wilderness Society will continue to work toward stronger protections for our native bushland. Please get in touch to get involved. 
The Queensland Government put a Bill into Parliament to rein in large-scale and other inappropriate tree clearing across Queensland. If passed, would have helped reduce clearing rates and carbon emissions.
To get this far was a huge achievement, one that with your support we have been working toward for over 18 months. But this was not without a substantial campaign by the LNP and ‘Big Ag’ to prevent the Bill from ever appearing, or even being formally introduced without having an unprecedented vote on that first step in the process. 
Sadly, those who want to see the bulldozers and chains continue to run riot in our native woodlands won out in the end, with the Parliament narrowly failing to get the numbers to pass the Bill. 
We have seen clearing rates in Queensland rise rapidly. In 2013/14 alone, nearly 300,000 hectares of native woodlands were cleared, much of it vital habitat for threatened species such as the koala. This also released some 36 million tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere. Tree clearing is bad for habitats and our native wildlife, the Great Barrier Reef and managing climate change.
Updates on the Bill: The Agriculture and Environment Parliamentary Committee completed its inquiry and Committee was unable to come to agreement on whether or not the Bill should be passed. You can read the Committee's report here, and you can view the Wilderness Society’s Submission to the Inquiry and Dr Tim Seelig's presentation to the Committee on 5 June.  
We also produced a Facts and Myths information sheet, which you can download and read. And you can check out our quotes and wordclouds from the public hearing.

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