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Here's his number. So call him maybe?


BREAKING: Thanks to you, Minister Frydenberg's constituent office is getting so many calls, they're asking people to call his parliamentary office.

So, if you want to make a call, please use his parliamentary office number: (02) 6277 7920.

This is fantastic, as it means the Minister is getting the message.

Thanks for all you do!

Call Minister Frydenberg to ask what he’s going to do about the unapproved land clearing at Olive Vale station on the Cape York Peninsula! His number is (02) 6277 7920.

Calling a Minister’s office is easy and quick. A friendly staffer will answer the phone. You let them know you want Minister Frydenberg to act to stop the clearing at Olive Vale. That’s it. And it works.

Here are a couple of simple points to raise if you need them:

  • "Last week, I saw footage and read media reports about land clearing at Olive Vale Station in North Queensland." (If you want, you can personalise it: “It was horrible imagery and it really upsets me that in this day and age we’re continuing to bulldoze our precious trees and wildlife habitat.”)
  • "The clearing is in likely threatened species habitat and is in a Great Barrier Reef catchment."
  • "I understand that, in 2015, then-Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt promised there would be no more clearing at Olive Vale until the proposal had been properly assessed by the Federal Government. But the landholder admitted they had started clearing again without any federal approval."
  • "Minister, I want you to stop the clearing at Olive Vale. I want to know what you are going to do about this case."
  • And, if you want to go further:
    "I know that land clearing is out of control again in Queensland, with the Queensland Government’s own figures saying nearly 300,000 hectares were bulldozed in 2015. What is the Federal Government going to do to step in and fix this crisis?"