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Riding for a Great Forest


At a recent rally showing support for the Park

This is Aidan. 

He has been riding his bike in the forest, talking to people about conservation. Here at The Wilderness Society, we think that's great.

Aidan says, 'I want to raise awareness for the proposed Great Forest National Park, because I think it would be a positive way for Victorians to protect their ecological heritage. I also want to share the jaw-dropping places I find, and maybe inspire you to come out and experience it for yourself.

'I've lived in Melbourne pretty much my whole life. Embarrassingly, I don't know my own backyard! I have not taken the time to explore Victoria's forests, not to any serious degree, but I know they're great and in danger.

'I want to see them now, in case they're lost, or so I can remark to future generations about how they were and the steps taken to preserve and make them better.

'Mostly I just want to experience my own backyard, see what's out there, get off the beaten track a little bit and enjoy life more slowly.'

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Read more about Aidan's adventures and follow him on Instagram. If you want tips on your own biking adventure, or just want to say 'good on you', drop him a line!