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The tide will turn


A few words from Wilderness Society national director, Lyndon Schneiders

As a lifelong campaigner for protection of wilderness and the natural world, I have learnt that perseverance is the key to ultimate success.

The last few weeks have again reminded me that we must be able to roll with the setbacks and come back stronger, smarter and wiser for the experience.

A few weeks ago, the Queensland Government abolished the Wild Rivers Act 2005. This was Australia’s first ever program to protect wild rivers across the state.

Over the next month or so, the Tasmanian Parliament will probably pass into law legislation which guts the historic Tasmanian Forest Agreement, particularly as it relates to the protection of priceless forests.

Yet despite these setbacks, the reality remains that wild rivers in Queensland have not been dammed or destroyed and never will as long as a movement of people for nature and wilderness remains vigilant.

Likewise, some of the most important old growth forests in Tasmania are now part of the World Heritage area and the timber industry has been reduced to half its former size.

Like in nature, as in politics – the tide comes in and tide goes out. Right now our job is to resist and counter the high tide of anti-environment policies in the expectation of better days ahead.

In that spirit, please get involved in the campaigns and activities to help us turn the tide.