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Prime Minister, step in to save the Bight!

With your help, we’ve just booted BP out—but now it’s time to protect the Great Australian Bight for good.
BP may be gone, but it isn’t the only oil giant with a lease to explore the Bight.
Our next big goal is to ensure this unique and vital stretch of ocean gets the protection it deserves; that’s why we’re calling on the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to rescind ALL oil and gas exploration leases in the pristine Bight. 
The Bight is one of our most diverse marine sanctuaries, home to over 36 species of whales and dolphins, and a vital breeding ground for the endangered southern right whale. It’s no place to drill for oil. 

Sign the petition and join the groundswell against Big Oil

Linda Irwin, the Kangaroo Island local pictured above, knows what’s at risk better than most. If a spill were to occur in the Bight, Kangaroo Island’s coastline would be covered in oil.
Will you support Linda by joining us for the next step on our journey?
Now that we’ve won once, we know we can win again. So join the growing sea of voices committed to protecting this vital and diverse marine environment for generations to come.